Thursday, March 08, 2007

Illegal Immigrant Kids Stranded

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Rounding up illegal immigrants is creating a humanitarian crisis in Massachusetts. I guess the kids are over here to do the job American children won’t do.

Linked thru Drudge; here’s an excerpt:

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (AP) - Dozens of young children were stranded at schools and with baby sitters after their parents were rounded up by federal authorities who raided a leather goods maker suspected of hiring illegal immigrants, authorities said Wednesday.
Immigration officials said 327 of the 500 employees of Michael Bianco Inc., mostly women, were detained Tuesday by immigration officials for possible deportation as illegal aliens.
About 100 children were stuck with baby sitters, caretakers and others, said Corinn Williams, director of the Community Economic Development Center of Southeastern Massachusetts.
“We’re continuing to get stories today about infants that were left behind,” she said. “It’s been a widespread humanitarian crisis here in New Bedford.”

Hm. If there were infants, I’ll bet they are anchor babies, little American citizens, born here.

Authorities released 45 detainees who were sole caregivers to children. No more releases were planned, said Marc Raimondi, a spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Eight pregnant women were also released for humanitarian reasons.

Those still in custody were given the option of letting their children stay with a guardian or putting them in state care, Raimondi said.

I guess as little American citizens, the babies and their moms will enjoy the full benefits of DCFS!
Here’s a little about the company:

Michael Bianco Inc., founded in 1985, specialized in manufacturing high-end leather goods for retailers including Coach Inc. (COH) and Timberland Co. (TBL) before landing a $9.4 million military contract in 2003 to make survival vests.

From 2004 and 2006, it won $82 million in military contracts to make products including lightweight backpacks. An Army spokesman did not return a call seeking comment about the status of the contracts.

Conditions at the factory were not ideal:

Investigators said the workers toiled in dingy conditions and faced onerous fines, such as a $20 charge for talking while working and spending more than two minutes in the bathroom.

I like this story because it points out two really important things about the illegal immigration situation: First, the workers were theatened with being fired if they complained, and afraid of being deported. Almost like an indentured work force.

Second, the tiresome phrase that they’re “doing the jobs Americans won’t do.” Sounds like they’re doing the jobs American companies don’t want to pay American workers to do, and don’t have to provide benefits.

Do we really want a total underclass? Our country has gone through centuries of total agony to resolve the importation of slaves, and it’s not even over, yet. Haven’t we learned anything?!???

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