Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ark. Lawmakers Approve Grammar Tweak

This is ridiculous...

From The Las Vegas Sun:

Arkansas' grammar got a tweak on Tuesday - or rather, Arkansas's

grammar did.

Legislators will send Gov. Mike Beebe a resolution declaring "Arkansas's" the proper possessive form of the state's name, but the governor is way ahead of them. His office began using the additional "s" in news releases Monday, said spokesman Matt DeCample.

In what became a grammatical Gordian knot, the Arkansas Senate supported the resolution Tuesday after the House passed it the week before. The Senate vote came after a few groans and an introduction on the history of "the much-debated apostrophe-s" by state Sen. Jim Hill.

People in Arkansas actually want the possessive for Arkansas to be Arkansas's? Arkansawses tax, instead of Arkansaws tax?? This is too bizarre.

"We've waited 126 years for this," he said. "This adds, shall we say, legitimacy."

The Associated Press Stylebook calls for singular proper names ending in "s" to have only an apostrophe. Strunk and White's "The Elements of Style" calls for following the apostrophe with the letter "s," unless using it with an ancient name.

I am in agreement with the AP style book, this is horrible English. They are legislating English Grammar, what is next?