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Show Notes 01-27-2017

Saturday Show 01-27-18 

Armageddon Update: 'Doomsday Clock' Stands at 2 Minutes to Midnight
The "Doomsday Clock," a hypothetical timepiece that measures humanity's proximity to destruction by our own actions, hovers perilously close to midnight, the time that denotes global Armageddon.
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Olympian trains for cross-country skiing in the desert
He may not have ideal conditions to train for the 2018 Winter Olympics, but Samir Azzimani is working with what's available to him. That means training for cross-country skiing in the heat of Morocco's desert.
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Federal Spending Set Record During Shutdown
Federal spending for the fourth Monday in January set a record of $16,596,000,000 for that day in January even though the federal government was shut down, according to the Daily Treasury Statement.
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NJ couple weds in courthouse women's restroom after mom falls ill
Unfortunate events — not even a medical emergency — would not stop Brian and Maria Schultz from tying the knot. On Jan. 2, the couple from Ocean Township, N.J., went to the Monmouth County (N.J.) Courthouse with their mothers to get married.
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When San Jose market's raw meat supply comes by stacked shopping cart, time to investigate
When Loretta Seto stopped at 99 Ranch Market for a few barbecue supplies from the San Jose, California, business,  she never expected to see what she did: raw meat being transported to the store in Costco shopping carts.
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Exorcists issue urgent call for spiritual reinforcements
Father Pat Collins of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland is sounding the alarm – more exorcists are desperately needed. Collins claims in an interview with The Irish Catholic the demand for exorcisms has risen “exponentially.” The priest further stated the demand had only dramatically increased “in recent years.”
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Atheist Group Targets Ben Carson over 'Secretive' White House Cabinet Bible Study
The weekly Bible study attended by members of President Donald Trump's Cabinet is once again under attack, this time from an atheist group.
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Google Home Devices Programmed to Recognize Muhammad and Buddha, but not Jesus
Google Home can tell you about Buddha and Muhammad--but don't bother asking about Jesus.Users are posting videos showing Google products refusing to answer the question: "Who is Jesus?"
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Once upon a time, science and religion meshed
Robert Boyle was born Jan. 25, 1627. He studied Bacon, Descartes, and other of his contemporaries, including scientists Isaac Newton and Galileo, philosophers John Locke and Thomas Hobbes, and poet John Milton.
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7 common Prepping mistakes
Today I want to go over some of the common mistakes made by new and not-so-new preppers./ I’ve done this before piece-meal, but these potential errors bear repeating.
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SHOT Show 2018: 8 new tactical guns revealed
The range of new tactical rifles that will be hitting store shelves this year is epic. There are new rifle options for every budget and every purpose.
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