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Show Notes 01-26-2018

Friday Show Notes 01-26-18

Make the internet American again? Trump pick opened the door
President Donald Trump's pick for a top Commerce Department post privately assured Republican senators that he would look at reversing the Obama administration's decision to give up U.S. oversight of the internet, according to documents newly obtained by POLITICO.
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Cancer could soon be spotted by technology 'several months' before it occurs
Cancer could soon be spotted by technology 'several months' before it occurs. The chief executive of Nokia said he believes technology can spot cancer "several months" before it occurs.
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In a scientific first, cloned monkeys are born. Will they accelerate biomedical research?
There have been mice and cows and pigs and camels, bunnies and bantengs and ferrets and dogs, but ever since Dolly the sheep became the first cloned mammal in 1996, the list has had a conspicuous hole: primates. Now that hole has been filled.
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Feds quietly relocating illegals across U.S. on commercial flights
Several escorts dressed in civilian clothing are quietly putting illegal immigrants who cross the U.S.-Mexico border on taxpayer-funded flights and secretly taking them to unsuspecting communities across the U.S., according to a government-watchdog agency.
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Sanctuaries: 675 Jurisdictions Wouldn't Turn Over Criminal Aliens to ICE
Law enforcement agencies in approximately 675 jurisdictions around the United States declined to comply with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement “detainer” requests and hand over to ICE removable aliens whom those jurisdictions had arrested for violating local laws, according to the Inspector General for the Department of Homeland Security.
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Opening India’ market to US goods
In public announcements, India touts a largely hands-off approach to regulation as it relates to trade policy. But in reality, India pursues protectionist policies that often deny American producers reasonable access to its market with its “Make in India” initiative, which was launched in 2015.
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FedEx Delivers 3.2B of Good News to Employees, Fueled By Trump Tax Package
Federal Express (FedEx) announced Friday that employees will receive $3.2 billion of benefits, thanks to President Donald Trump delivering on his promise to lower taxes.
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