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Show Notes 05-27-2017

Saturday Show 5-27-17

William Lawson Grant, Professor of Colonial History at Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, wrote in the introduction to “Voyages and Explorations” (Toronto, The Courier Press, Limited, 1911, A.S. Barnes Company): “The history of Western Civilization begins in a conflict with the Orient, a conflict of which it may be the end is not yet.
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He plowed his field; now he faces a $2.8 million fine
Duarte sued the Army Corps and the state, alleging they violated his constitutional right of due process by issuing the cease and desist orders without a hearing. The U.S. Attorney’s Office counter-sued Duarte Nursery to enforce the Clean Water Act violation.
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Able-Bodied Required to Work Under Trump’s New Food Stamp Reform?
President Donald Trump’s newly released budget contains a proposed food stamp reform, which the left has denounced as a “horror” that arbitrarily cuts food stamp benefits by 25 percent.
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One-third of American 8th graders think Canada is a dictatorship, report reveals
The days of politically frustrated Americans declaring "That's it, I'm moving to Canada!" could soon be coming to an end — at least among teenagers who value freedom and equality.
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Hillary Gets Choked Up At Wellesley Commencement — Blames Allergies
Hillary Clinton struggled to speak shortly after beginning her speech at the Wellesley College commencement ceremony Friday. A college official rushed to deliver her a lozenge and water bottle as she choked on her words.
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The Royal American Regiment
During the struggle between France and Britain for control of North America, in the conflict known to Americans as the French and Indian War, the British forces had met with some early disasters that made it clear that some new military units with special skills would be needed to fight this war.
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