Friday, May 26, 2017

You go, my state of Montana Representative, Gianforte!

I know that everyone is having a cow about Gianforte. Get over yourselves. We are at WAR with the progressives/commies for our lives, our children's and grand children's lives. And that is not fake news.

My husband has studied many forms of Martial Arts and he has told me that there is an old saying " if you come within "my sphere of control, I have the right to defend myself PERIOD!" Whether it's a weapon or a recorder. I took a self defense course many years ago and I was taught how to use a book end, magazine (not gun) and a credit card to injure and /or kill some one.

Make no mistake the progressives are out for our blood. I know, I'm too radical. But make a list of all the political people that have died during the past 6-10years. InfoWars is a good place to start.

If I was there, I would have ran into that room with my gun blazing. You betcha. I was a victim of three violent crimes and no one came to my aide, Why? Well I lived in NY. A gun free zone. Since then, this White Hispanic progressive turned into gut totten mamma, will never let anyone take mine or anyone around me screw with My Second Amendment right.

Everyone needs to suck it up cause you progs have woken the sleeping giant. How do you like us now? Oh, Gianforte ran that he will stand up for Montana and he did. Oh and we Montanans
love our beef.

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