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Show Notes 12-03-15

Thursday show 12-3-15

After three years of study and debate, Defense Secretary Ash Carter ordered the military Thursday to open all military jobs to women, removing the final barriers that kept women from serving in combat, including the most dangerous and grueling commando posts.
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Pentagon to Cut Pay Rates for Autism Specialists: Tricare Officials say
Providers of applied behavior analysis therapy are currently reimbursed at a fixed rate based on education and certification level, regardless of location. Providers with a doctorate or master's degree are paid an hourly rate of $125, those with a bachelor's degree, $75; and technicians, $50.
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Air Force burning through bomb stockpiles striking ISIL
The Air Force has fired more than 20,000 missiles and bombs in the air war against the Islamic State, depleting its stocks of munitions and prompting the service to scour depots around the world for more weapons and to find money to buy them, according to records obtained by USA TODAY.
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2 female suicide bombers kill at least 6 in northern Cameroon
The governor of Cameroon's Far North province says that two teen female suicide bombers detonated explosives in a town in the area killing at least six people.
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White House Rejects Plan to Close Gitmo Prison as Being Too Expensive
White Hose rejects plan to close GitThe U.S. government rejected a plan by the Department of Defense to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba for being too expensive and sent it back to the Pentagon for revision, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.
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Inside secret underground ISIS bomb-making lair found littered with US-made guns and drugs
The underground tunnels, used by ISIS militants to hide from bomb raids, were discovered under Sinjar, which has only recently liberated from ISIS control.
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Nuns pose as prostitutes to rescue victims of human sex trafficking
A network of nuns has ditched their habits to dress like prostitutes and infiltrate brothels worldwide in an effort to rescue victims of sex trafficking and buy children sold into slavery.
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New York paper mocks GOP for praying
The New York Daily News couldn’t be blunter in its characterization of those in the Republican Party who turned to prayer after the San Bernardino shooting, rather than gun control, blasting out a headline that basically read: relying on God was stupid.
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Term mass shooting confuses public and masks phenomenon
Depending on how you're counting, the shooting deaths of 14 people in San Bernardino, Calif. Wednesday was the 22nd mass shooting this year, or one of more than 300 in a near-daily epidemic.

University: Your holiday party cannot be a Christmas party in disguise
The taxpayer-funded university’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion recently released an “unofficial” edict calling for the campus to host holiday parties that do not emphasize religion or culture.
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ICE Director: 'Bunch' of Countries Refuse U.S. Efforts to Deport Criminal Aliens
Sarah Saldana, the director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, told Congress on Wednesday that ICE cannot deport criminal aliens without the cooperation of their home countries -- and there's "a whole bunch" of countries that do not cooperate in taking back their criminals.
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Entire police department resigns over flap with Mayor
One community in South Carolina has been left police-free after the entire force resigned over disputes, in part, about First Amendment rights with the newly elected mayor, Patty Carson.
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