Monday, November 30, 2015

Show Notes 11-29-15

Sunday show 11-29-15

The word Advent is from the Latin adventus for "coming" and is associated with the four weeks of preparation for Christmas.
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Obama's Thanksgiving surprise: 144 big regulations
President Obama is nothing if not predictable. Required by law to release plans for new regulations twice a year, the administration has consistently done so just before major holidays, when few are paying attention.
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Mayhew claims that detractors – who mostly take issue with welfare reforms enacted by Gov. Paul LePage, a Republican, since his election in 2011 – have gone so far as to call her “Commissioner Evil,” and her and LePage’s policies a “War on the Poor.”
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Dad arrested for protesting graphic sex book loses case
A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by a parent who contended he was wrongfully arrested at a school board meeting where he was protesting a class assignment given to his ninth-grade daughter to read a book containing graphic descriptions of “rough sex” between teens.
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Wisconsin school nixes reading book about transgender kid
A southern Wisconsin elementary school canceled a planned reading of a children's book about a transgender girl after a group threatened to sue.
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A bloody Thanksgiving in the Pacific
As we celebrate Thanksgiving, take a moment to remember the many Americans who gave their last full measure 72 years ago in the attack on the Tarawa Atoll in the Gilbert Islands.
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Ranchland owners speak out on death tolls
In CHANNEL 5 NEWS Special Report: “Paying the Price,” we reported how a Honduran woman went missing on private ranch land in Brooks County. Human rights activist Eddie Canales said the woman is one of hundreds who die in the brush.
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China to set up 1st overseas naval base in Djibouti next to US airbase
Beijing plans to set up a naval facility in Djibouti, East Africa, to boost counter-piracy and peacekeeping efforts, officials say. The future Chinese installation will be near a US airbase reportedly used for the Pentagon’s drone operations.
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China again tests nuclear hypersonic missile
China carried out a sixth flight test of its new high-speed nuclear attack vehicle on Monday designed to defeat U.S. missile defenses or carry out global strikes.
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