Monday, March 24, 2014

Thursday Show 3/20/14

Spring Equinox
MARCH 20TH is the first day of spring, or vernal equinox, as it's known to astronomers, vernal meaning "of or pertaining to spring," equinox meaning "equal night." As the angle of the earth's inclination toward the sun changes throughout the year, lengthening or shortening the days according to season and hemisphere, there are two times annually when day and night are of more or less equal length: the spring and autumnal equinoxes.

Spring Equinox
When Julius Caesar established his calendar in 45 BC he set 25 March as the spring equinox. Because a Julian year (365.25 days) is slightly longer than an actual year the calendar drifted with respect to the equinox, such that the equinox was occurring on about 21 March in AD 300 and by AD 1500 it had reached 11 March.

Obama Authorizes Sanctions on Russia That 'Could Also Be Disruptive to the Global Economy' 
After After Russian officials laughed off the first round of sanctions imposed by the United States and amid fears that Russia may encroach further into Ukraine President Obama announced on Thursday that he is "now impose additional costs on Russia."

Budget Doesn’t Delay F-16 Life Extension Upgrades
The Air Force is surging ahead with work to extend the service life of its fleet of F-16 fighter jets despite recent budget cuts to programs aimed at upgrading the planes, service officials said.

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