Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Podcast Survivor: Carolla Campaigns To Fight Podcast Patent Troll in Court

These two articles are extremely important for anyone who uses the Internet, so please read them
The fight against the Podcast Patent Troll continues on. Last week there was a small victory for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, while podcaster Adam Carolla starts a legal defense fund to fight the troll in court.
On Friday Magistrate Judge Nathanael Cousins struck down an attempt by Personal Audio to subpoena the names of donors who contributed to EFF’s Save Podcasting campaign. Personal Audio is the company that owns a patent filed in 1996 that it claims covers podcasting. The company is suing high profile podcasters for allegedly infringing on this patent.

First-to-File Patent System Arrives March 16, 2013 

With significant changes to law governing how the U.S. grants patents taking effect next month, Porter Wright recommends that all clients consider filing any contemplated patent applications by March 15. This includes filing non-provisional patent applications, and in some cases Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) patent applications, that are based upon any provisional or non-U.S. patent application filed since March 2012. Though there are some exceptions to this advice (as discussed further herein), waiting until after March 15 may be problematic.

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