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Show Notes 03/09/2014

Sunday Show 3/9/14

The History and Meaning of Ash Wednesday
Ash Wednesday, originally called dies cinerum (day of ashes) is mentioned in the earliest copies of the Gregorian Sacramentary, and probably dates from at least the 8th Century. One of the earliest descriptions of Ash Wednesday is found in the writings of the Anglo-Saxon abbot Aelfric (955-1020). http://www.orlutheran.com/html/ash.html

Mead makes a comeback
What's hot now is a caveman's delight: mead, or honey wine, considered by most authorities the oldest alcoholic beverage. Ever.

House passes bill to block Obama climate plan
Aiming at the heart of President Barack Obama's strategy for fighting climate change, the Republican-controlled House voted Thursday to block the administration's plan to limit carbon pollution from new power plants.

Feds reportedly failed to investigate reports GM vehicle shutdowns
Federal investigators declined for over a decade to investigate consumer complaints about General Motors vehicles that turned off while being driven due to faulty ignition switches, a new report suggests.

6 signs a Republican Senate takeover is within reach
Republican gains and President Obama's weakness have Democrats on their heels, preparing to fight for Senate seats they never thought they would have to defend and hoping that 2016 will give them a chance to win back the Senate if they lose it next year.

High Schools' planned production of “Carrie the musical” sparks outrage from parents
A high school musical featuring supernatural powers, bullying and lots of blood has angry parents pushing to cancel the production.

Dems see healthcare opening on Medicaid
States run by Republican governors and legislatures are slowly adopting the Medicaid expansion under ObamaCare, boosting Democratic hopes they can run on the issue in the midterm elections.

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