Thursday, January 17, 2013

Show notes 01/13/2013

Uncooperative Radio Show Notes: Sunday 01/13/13

Cramer: On the right side of the bullet
Every so often, a local news story about a victim of crime goes national. Most recently, it was Sarah McKinley, 18, home alone with her 3 month old son, a few days after Sarah's husband had died of lung cancer. Two men apparently looking to steal pain medicine prescribed for the husband broke in.

A suburban gun maker is overwhelmed with orders for guns
The phones rang and rang in the front office of the Northwest suburban gunmaker last week. Customers were calling to place orders — and they weren’t happy when they were told of two-month backlogs.

Flashback: ‘Most Dishonest Journalist Of Our Age’ Piers Morgan Fired For ‘Malicious’ Hoax Of Fake Iraqi Prisoner Abuse That Caused ‘So Much Damage’, Recruited Al Qaeda
Excerpted from a BBC article of May 14, 2004: Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan has been sacked after the newspaper conceded photos of British soldiers abusing an Iraqi were fake.

ObamaCare Amendment forbids gun ammo registration
Good news -- it has become known that hidden deep within the massive 2800-page bill called Obamacare there is a Senate Amendment protecting the right to keep and bear arms.

Tell those sick employees to stay home
Dr. Vicki Bralow tells her employees to stay home, guilt-free. That is, if they’re sick. And this year, the odds are they’ll be taking her up on the offer.

DNA pioneer James Watson takes aim at 'cancer establishments'
A day after an exhaustive national report on cancer found the United States is making only slow progress against the disease, one of the country's most iconic - and iconoclastic - scientists weighed in on "the war against cancer." And he does not like what he sees.

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