Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ten Lessons Learned From Past Rail Accidents

From Popular Mechanics:

The death toll from Monday's terrible rail accident in Washington, D.C., hasn't yet been verified, but early estimates put it at nine people, with scores of others injured.

While rescuers continue to search the wreckage for survivors, investigators from both Washington's Metro and the National Transportation Safety Board have begun their investigations into the deadliest train wreck in D.C. history.

Months may pass before we know exactly what caused one train on the Metro's Red Line to slam into the back of another, jackknifing on top of it. Early speculation holds that the operator never hit the brake before slamming into the train in front.

When investigators find out more, this week's crash will join other crashes scattered through the years that taught train operators valuable safety lessons.

You are going to have to actually read the entire article, it's a good one and very informative. Our prayers and thoughts go out to the families of the deceased. Disasters happen folks, are you prepared?

I love Popular Mechanics, they are fair and balanced and shot down the "Nut Jobs" that questioned what happened on 911. With real "facts", not "speculation".

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