Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pro-Iran Hackers Deface Oregon University Web Site

This is in no way shape or form anything that the average or even above average Iranian, could do. This is the work of the Iranian Government as a smoke screen to mask the deaths and terrorism they are reigning down upon their people.
This is a prime example of why our beloved Founding Fathers made sure we had the Second Amendment to "protect against a Tyrannical Government".

From The AP:

PORTLAND, Oregon — Hackers defaced the home page of the Oregon University System, posting a caustic message telling President Obama to mind his own business and stop talking about the disputed Iranian election.

Attempts to access the university system's Web site were automatically redirected to another page, where readers viewed a message said to be from Iran that asserted there was no cheating in the election. That message was up for 90 minutes before university system technicians intervened Wednesday morning.

The hackers apparently took advantage of third-party software that had not been properly updated, university system spokeswoman Diane Saunders said. Hackers frequently attack the system's computers, but technicians usually beat back their efforts, she said.

"They are able to stomp on most of them," Saunders said.

Again, people, please go to the link and read the entire article and make your own "informed" decision about this issue. Then, go and Google our Bill of rights. They were created for a reason.

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