Friday, May 01, 2009

Gun Owners Worried Over Limbaugh Stance

Now I know the Left is going nu-nu bananas over this one. Good, read first and then listen.

From Newsmax:

Rush Limbaugh's new pet project — fighting animal cruelty for the Humane Society of the United States — is riling sportsmen from coast to coast, prompting fears that the talkster typically supportive of gun rights is aiding a group they say has a secret agenda to end all hunting in America.

Almost 30 groups representing millions of hunters and sportsmen are demanding that the conservative radio commentator end his collaboration with the Humane Society and stop "helping them to mainstream their image in the minds of reasonable people."

First off, this is not paranoia, guns owners of all types are constantly under attack by the commie left. So we/I as a gun toten momma have to always be on guard. Ha sometimes with my gun, ha he, he. Second, conservatives do not think with their hearts, but with their minds. And as such everything in in question, even other conservatives. It's about whats right, not how popular the issue is or the person behind the issue.

Mr. Limbaugh did not answer requests for comment and has had little to say about his tacit endorsement of the Humane Society. During an interview on Fox News last week, Greta Van Susteren asked him, "Who do you admire and why?"

As Mr. Limbaugh paused, citing "brain freeze," this exchange occurred:

"You like the Humane Society," Mrs. Van Susteren said.

"Who?" Mr. Limbaugh asked.

"The Humane Society."

Laughing, the radio host, who spends three hours a day talking politics, said, "Well, now, you're getting into politics," and quickly moved off the topic.

Oh come on now, the man eats, breeeaths and sleeeeps, "politics". How lame an answer was that. I listen to him all the time but missed this interview and his response to the issue on his radio show; which I'm sure he addressed. I just wanted to point out that just because conservatives don't always agree with other conservatives, it means "we are imploding". No, it means we are "thinking". I only hope Rush starts thinking about what this organization stands for. I mean he has "people" to research this doesn't he. He's rich enough to have "people" doesn't he?
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