Thursday, March 19, 2009

George Stephanopoulos: ABC’s In-House Spin Doctor

From Media Research Center:

George Stephanopoulos became a political celebrity for his high profile slot as a spin doctor in Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, a role glamorized in the documentary The War Room. After the election, Stephanopoulos served four years as a top presidential aide, championing his own liberal views on issues such as affirmative action and the Supreme Court.

Leaving the White House at the end of 1996, Stephanopoulos joined ABC News as not just a liberal political analyst, but as someone who would soon begin to report the news as a supposedly unbiased reporter. According to the December 12, 1996 New York Times:

Mr. Stephanopoulos will contribute to various programs, but at the outset he will appear most often as a political analyst on This Week, the Sunday morning news program with Cokie Roberts and Sam Donaldson as co-hosts. Eventually Mr. Stephanopoulos is expected to do some reporting as a correspondent, the network said.

Susan here again. We need to know where all these people come from. Full disclosure. Something the left wing psyco commies scream for and never deliver themselves. This is very important folks, because how can you make an informed decision about who you will listen to, who you can believe is telling the truth or who you vote for if you don't have all the facts. Yea, I can hear those who will make excuses for everyone that "people can change". But if you don't know where they started from; how do can you know if they "changed". These are shakey times, and we need to be Uncooperative Readers,Uncooperative Listeners,Uncooperative Watchers, and Uncooperative Citizen's of this great United States of America. Oh, and have a Tea Party. :)

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