Tuesday, March 17, 2009

CNSNews.com VA Hospital Pulls 'Japs Surrender' Headline from Historical Display

Susan here. This is yet again another example of political correctness gone "wild". The thought police have decided that it is better for our country to "not offend" anyone than it is to tell the truth. Read on MacBeth.

From CNSNews:

The director of the VA hospital in Indianapolis has removed a World War II-era newspaper front page from a historical display at the hospital because it contains the headline, “Japs Surrender.”

The hospital has replaced it with another newspaper, whose headline says “Peace.”

Linda Jeffrey, the public affairs officer at the Roudebush VA Medical Center in Indianapolis, explained the action.

“We have a hallway in our outpatient clinics that has a lot of different military memorabilia--artifacts if you will. Some of them are newspaper ads--Buy Bonds!’--and things like that. This particular artifact was an original newspaper story from the Indianapolis Times, dated Aug. 14, 1945,” Jeffrey told CNSNews.com.

The item had been on display for 10 years, she said, until a month ago.

“One of our new employees contacted the director, Tom Mattice, and told him that particular military memorabilia was particularly offensive to people of Japanese origin. So our director asked that we take it down,” Jeffrey added.

Local Marine Corps veterans were outraged.

Indiana vet Bud Albright told CNSNews.com that the removal is offensive to those who fought against the Japanese in defense of American freedom.

“A large majority of the veterans feel it was an insult to them and the people that died during that war,” Albright told CNSNews.com.

No kidding they are outraged. Look, the Japanese attack us. Japanese ambassadors where in the United States trying to negotiate with us when the attack happened. That's one of the reasons they were called "yellow devils". Oh no, is this blog going to be erased now. :) Anyho, get over yourselves minorities. And here's a thought. You should all be Americans now, no matter where your parents and grandparents came from. So, in essence you were attacked also. Ponder that one a while.
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