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Undocumented Immigrants, Real Crimes 2/07

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More tangible results from 40 years of allowing mass illegal
immigration into our nation. Is the cheap labor or the prospect of a
new voting bloc worth the crimes committed against American citizens?

I really don’t understand our country anymore. The left (the right
isn’t blameless either) protests the water boarding of two, yes, two
terrorist enemies of the United States, yet they promote policies that
cause harm and death to Americans on a daily basis.

Another list of crimes that didn’t have to happen….

Drunk driving and tragedy in North Carolina:

The state Court of Appeals on Tuesday rejected the
appeal of an illegal immigrant who killed a woman in a drunken-driving
accident in Columbus County in 2004.

The immigrant, Jose Jesus Garcia Lopez of Mexico, was convicted in
2006 of involuntary manslaughter, assault with a deadly weapon
inflicting serious injury, felony hit and run, and felony death by
vehicle. He is in prison on a sentence of at least four years, 11
months, to at most six years, nine months.

Lopez had been charged with second-degree murder.

The prosecutor said Lopez, who was living in Nakina, was drunk and
driving his car from 80 mph to 100 mph on N.C. 904 when he crossed the
center line and hit another car head-on. The wreck killed 20-year-old
Natalie Renee Housand of Tabor City, who was driving the other car. It
injured her boyfriend, a man in a third car, and Lopez’s brother, who
was a passenger in Lopez’s vehicle.

Lopez was arrested later, after he was found walking along the road.
His blood-alcohol level was 0.18 percent, more than twice the 0.08
legal standard for drunken driving.

Lopez testified that he remembered little, but that he was a passenger, not the driver.

The Court of Appeals ruled that Lopez’s trial was fair in the
portion that decided he is guilty. However, it said there was a mistake
in the portion that decided how severely he would be punished. Read more….

Drunk driving and death in St. Louis:

A judge sentenced an illegal immigrant at noon today to
10 years in prison for causing an accident in Maryland Heights last
year that killed 21-year-old college student Nicole Allen and seriously
injured two of her friends.

Pedro Santos, 27, pleaded guilty Nov. 26 before St. Louis County
Circuit Judge Michael T. Jamison to charges of involuntary
manslaughter, leaving the scene of an accident and two counts of

Jamison heard tearful victim impact statements in an emotion-laden,
hour-long hearing this morning, and a sobbing apology from the
defendant through an interpreter. The judge said he read scores of
letters that he received and deliberated long and hard before rendering
his decision.

Santos admitted he was drunk at 11:57 p.m. on April 20 when the
Lincoln Town Car he was driving plowed into the back of a 1991 Accura,
stopped at a redlight at the intersection of Marine Avenue and
Bennington Place in Maryland Heights.

The impact killed Allen, a junior at the University of Missouri at
St. Louis and a 2004 graduate of Parkway North High School. Allen was a
passenger in the back seat. Seriously injured were another passenger,
Charles A. “Chuck” Miller III, 28, and the driver, Larry Lane, 24. Read more….

Destruction of property, well actually American history-isn’t that ironic:

A man described by a Superior Court judge as an
“undocumented alien” has been sentenced to 40 hours of community
service in connection with a 2007 act of vandalism at a city cemetery.

Eliseo Diaz, 22, of Washington Street, was sentenced by Superior
Court Judge Richard Geiger on Friday to two years of probation and
community service after pleading guilty to third-degree criminal

According to Diaz’s plea agreement, his community service will take
place at Broad Street Cemetery, where he and another man knocked over a
number of tombstones in an Aug. 28, 2007, incident, causing more than
$2,000 worth of damage.

Diaz, who was drunk when he caused the damage to the cemetery, gave police the alias of Juan Diaz when he was arrested.

Claudio Perez, of Church Street, the other man charged in connection
with the incident, disappeared shortly after he was released from
Cumberland County Jail in 2007 and was never found.

“If the judge wants me to pay,” Diaz said in court Friday, through a
Spanish-speaking interpreter, “I just want to know the amount.”

Diaz will pay no fines for the damage he caused to the historic
pre-Revolutionary War city cemetery, where about 160 Civil War veterans
are buried. Read more….

Another DUI and death:

Us Ralios pleaded no contest and Judge Mary Wade Space
found him guilty of the four charges pertaining to the Jan. 3, 2006,
incident – operating a vehicle while intoxicated, no operator’s
license, falsification and obstructing official business – during his
pretrial conference today in New Philadelphia Municipal Court.

For operating a vehicle while intoxicated, Space ordered him to
serve 20 days in jail, six points on his driver’s license, a one-year
license suspension and a fine of $250. He was given 30 days for not
having an operator’s license and an additional 90 days for the
falsification and obstruction charges. Those terms are to be served

His days served began Jan. 17 when he was granted a $50,000 bail but
he remained in jail, serving a nine-month jail sentence for the June
2007 crash in which John Barr of Dover died.

Strasburg Prosecutor Steven Anderson said that two years ago, Us
Ralios consumed 14 beers and crashed his car into a tree. He gave
police the Marcano name.

According to Strasburg Police Chief Bill McCamant, the 23-year-old
illegal immigrant from Guatemala was arrested for the incident but was
not charged with any crimes because immigration officials instructed
police not to file any charges because Us Ralios would be deported. Us
Ralios never was deported and he returned to the area. Read more….

Again, DUI and death:

Gelfman ordered Morales-Soriano to stand trial on his
original 10-count indictment that a Howard grand jury handed down in
December 2006, Kirwan said, adding that Gelfman withdrew herself from
the case.

The collision occurred at about 10:20 p.m. Nov. 23, 2006 when,
according to Howard police, Morales-Soriano crashed his Nissan Sentra
into a Toyota Corolla that was stopped at a red light at the
intersection of routes 175 and 108, in east Columbia.

The occupants of the Corolla, Marine Cpl. Brian Mathews, 21, of
Columbia, and Jennifer Bower, 24, of Montgomery County, died a short
time later as a result of the collision, police said.

Police administered a breathalyzer test to Morales-Soriano on the
night of the accident in which he registered a blood alcohol level four
times greater than the legal limit of 0.08, Kirwan said.

In an interview Feb. 5, Broccolino said he believed Gelfman rejected
the plea because she found the sentencing agreement too light. He added
that he was disappointed for the Bower and Mathews families, who were
hoping to gain closure.

“They came there hoping to have some finality to it and they were disappointed,” he said.

If convicted on all counts of the original indictment — including
two counts of homicide by motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol,
two counts of homicide by motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol and
two counts of negligent manslaughter — Morales-Soriano could face up to
20 years in prison, Kirwan has said.

Morales-Soriano, who is an illegal immigrant from Mexico, is
scheduled to be deported following his release from prison, Kirwan
said. Read more….

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