Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Politics Today

As a Conservative I am very unhappy with Republicans. Well, I have been unhappy with the party for quite some time, but now the Republican voters have made me unhappy. How can anyone who calls themselves a Republican, read the platform, vote in these numbers for John McCain?!?!? This is very disheartening to me, because we Americans need to bring our government back under Constitutional control, not keep marching us towards socialism/communism.

I am very tired of the fight, but that does not mean I am giving up! I hope you will muscle through with me! We have no hope in a good President now, but we can still fight for a conservative republican congress. that is our next battle and even if we lose we have got to keep fighting issue by issue. we must fight on regardless of the odds or our fatigue. think of this like Seal Team Buds training, now matter how exhausted you are do not ring the bell! Stick to your conservative principals and pass them on to your friends and family. We can win this sooner or later, if we keep fighting the good fight.

I hope this helps all you conservatives out there that are disgusted with your choices for President right now. Remember you are not alone in this fight I am here for you and we conservatives are here with you.

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