Saturday, February 23, 2008

Illegal Immigration Action Alert!

As you are probably aware, the Town of Jupiter has the distinction of supporting, what open border activists refer to as, “The Model” for which future Day Labor centers are to be created!

The town spent almost $2 million dollars to provide the building, etc., for this illegal activity against the outcry of its citizens!

Currently, in Palm Beach County alone, four other cities are considering the creation of Day Labor centers based on assistance and advice of the Town of Jupiter staff, and open border operators of “The Model”.

Organized weekly protests against this center have been going on now for over three months…

The goal is to have the center shut down, thus destroying its “Model” status, as well as, its effectiveness in dealing with the issues associated with Illegal Immigration.

Believe me when I tell you…the town is now feeling the impact and they are worried!

Here’s Better News!

Last Friday, one of our key protesters, and long time political activist, qualified to run against the Vice Mayor, who by the way, donated his left over campaign contributions from his last campaign, to the Day Labor Center! State Law allows excess funds to be distributed to qualified non-profits, political parties or the respective town or district….it’s easy to see where his allegiances lie!

Please join me in supporting

John Parsons for Jupiter Town Council!

The election will be held March 11th…so there is not much time, and we need your help!

We are asking for your help & support in any one, or more, of three ways:

· Would you, as your organization’s leader, be willing to be part of the “Boots On The Ground” effort between March 1st and March 11th, Election Day?

o Your mission would be to help keep the protests going and provide campaign support IE: door hanging, sign waving, and other grass roots campaign activities…

o (And remember now… the weather is really nice in Florida during March!)

· Would you provide a letter of endorsement on behalf of your organization?

And finally,

· Can John count on you to support him financially? He must raise 10K by this Friday, 2/22 to execute the campaign plan!

(Up to the Florida Law limit of $500)

Any one of these three means of support will be critical in the effort to place an Anti-Illegal Immigration advocate on the town council that will fight the fight, while we implement our other plans to take back the town council and shut down the Day Labor center!

Learn more by visiting the following web sites:

We hope we can count on your support. Please contact me personally (Scott) at (561) 502-1714 for additional details about this effort.

If you wish to be removed from this e-mail listing for support, please let us know by return e-mail, and you will be taken off the list immediately.

Thank You for taking the time to learn about this important situation!

John Parsons Campaign

141 Wooden Mill Terrace

Jupiter, Florida 33458



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