Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Adios, Calderon

Mexicos’ president is home after spending 5 days here in the U.S.
supposedly to view the illegal alien problem from our point of view but
actually to attempt to interfere in our political processes and tell us
that we must accept an open invasion from Mexico and support the
Mexican economy.

Republican congressman and former presidential candidate Tom Tancredo
reprimanded visiting Mexican President Felipe Calderon, yesterday in a
letter sent to the Mexican Embassy, for meddling in U.S. affairs,
telling him he should focus on his country’s own problems instead of
“encouraging illegal immigration.”

Calderon told the California Legislature on Wednesday that Mexico
and the United States “will never find prosperity by closing their

Tancredo says he appreciates Calderon’s concern for joint
prosperity, but wrote that Mexico’s economic and social ills can’t be
resolved by exporting its citizens to the U.S.

In Cambridge, Mass., Mr. Calderón stressed the importance of transforming “Mexico from a nation that loses its best people to migration
into a nation capable of generating opportunity for Mexicans on their
own soil.” Then he went on to say “I need to change Mexico’s perception
that the Americans are the enemies, and it’s important to change the
perception that the Mexicans are the enemy,” he said.

I have to ask… if America is “the enemy” as Calderon says, then why
are so many Mexicans coming here? This perception that we are the enemy
is deliberately fostered by Calderon himself. The perception we have of
the Mexicans being the enemy is the only valid one. We aren’t pouring
into Mexico in violation of their very strict and punitive border laws and taking away their jobs and their money, and committing all sorts of violent and heinous crimes. But they are doing that here!
And excuse me but if that motley horde of rapists and grape pickers,
many of whom have never used a flush toilet, is Mexicos’ “best people”,
I would hate to meet their worst. Who does he think he’s kidding?

Of course Mexicans are perceived as the enemy. They wage border wars
over drugs and attack our Border Patrol agents who try to keep out the
smugglers, while their own corrupt government urges them on and lodges
diplomatic complaints when we act in our own defense. The Mexican
government does all it can to prevent us from enforcing our laws, and
then Calderon has the gall to tell us how to run Our Country?

They weren’t real happy with him back in Mexico, either. The
influential, left-leaning Mexico City daily La Jornada said Mr.
Calderón’s trip was “marked by gaffes and deficiencies, from the
unexplained exclusion of the national and international press to the
shameful incident” in which a briefing at a Starbucks, arranged by Mr.
Calderón’s press office, ended abruptly when employees asked the
entourage to leave because they were disrupting service to customers.

That had to hurt. The president of Mexico getting kicked out of a
Starbucks. He went home without getting the traditional handshake from
our president, as well.

The best parts of his visit are that at least he came over here legally, and then he went back to Mexico.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII).
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