Sunday, January 20, 2008

Apparently winning is all that matters…

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In presidential politics there is nothing more important than
victory for a political party. Citizens with concerns, opinions, and
ideas should shut up and vote. When they vote, the candidate that has
been anointed by the media as the party’s front-runner should receive
the votes without thought given to his or her demonstrated positions.

From the web site of The Illinois Republican Party(

John Kass

Chicago Tribune Editorial

Why do establishment Republicans insist on whomping John McCain against a pole like some rabid cat?

Especially the conservatives. They’re whomping him and whomping
him, metaphorically in South Carolina, pivoting, turning on their
heels, shrieking with a mixture of hysteria, panic and glee.

Read the rest here. {End excerpt}

There you have it! Republicans should behave like good little followers and support anyone with an R behind his name if he is dubbed the chosen one, or if as the case seems to be with McAmnesty, it is deemed to be “his turn.”

Some positions can be granted based on the notion of “his turn:”

***Hall monitor.

***Paper collector.

***Line leader.

***Next on the slide.

***Next on any amusement park ride.

***Grand Poobah at the lodge.

I don’t think the position of President of The United States of
America is one of those “his turn” positions! I don’t believe it is
John McAmnesty’s turn any more than I believe it is Hillary Clinton’s

Of course Mr. Kass isn’t advocating for McAmnesty based on the
notion that it is his turn. Mr. Kass would have you vote based on the
idea that he has an R behind his name and is viewed
as a front-runner. That is nice and simple, positions on issues be
damned, we must win! What if we don’t win in reality? What if issues do
matter? Wouldn’t that put a kink in Mr. Kass’ rope?

The voters may indeed place John McCain on the November 2008 ballot
to be the next Bob Dole. What the voters want, the voters will get. The
voters may indeed express outrage over the McCain-Kennedy amnesty plan
and cast their votes for McCain anyway. The voters may indeed disagree
with McCain-Feingold and cast their votes for him anyway. The voters
will get what they vote for.

I don’t want to disregard the other candidates here, as there are
two others that might even be worse than McCain. A November Ballot
headed by McCain, Huckabee, or Giuliani will in my opinion mean a
defeat for conservatives no matter who wins the election.

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