Thursday, April 26, 2007

What’s the Matter with California?: How Liberals Won the Hearts of Criminals

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California, or Kalleeforneea as the Governer might say, has once again thumbed its nose at the rule of law. On Wednesday, April 25, 2007 in Oakland, CA, the self-proclaimed “City of Refuge“, city officials made it clear that they do not support government raids on businesses that hire illegal aliens. They vowed to continue to not assist the federal government’s efforts to enforce immigration laws.

This most recent attack on law and order comes as San Fransico’s mayor Gavin Newsome, who previously made headlines by ignoring CA’s marriage laws, simulating a sex act on a reporter’s microphone during an interview,, and having an affair with one of his aide’s wife, reaffirmed his city’s status as a “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens on Monday, April 23. “I will not allow any of my department heads or anyone associated with this city to cooperate in any way shape or form,” Newsom declared. “We are a sanctuary city, make no mistake about it.”

Meanwhile, Mexican dug cartels continue their campaign to setup local businesses to launder money and fund campaigns for mayoral and city council seats for the purposes of shaping policies and personnel decisions of local law enforcement. One Los Angeles subrub has become so corrupt that they fired their entire police force.

Richard Valdemar, a retired sergeant with the L.A. County sheriff’s, says, “In the typical scenario, a wealthy Mexican immigrant opens a business in a small town. It could be a very nice Mexican restaurant. He’s well-dressed, speaks English, seemingly a real gentleman. He gets involved in the community. His business welcomes police officers with discounts. He makes friends with city officials and other businessmen. No one has any idea where his money comes from – the Mexican drug cartels.”[1]

Valdemar has sited corruption by Mexican cartels in seven LA county cities: Southgate, Lynwood, Bell, Bell Gardens, Cudahy, Hawaiian Gardens and Huntington Park. He says that once these local businesses are setup and the necessary political connections made, the business owner throws there support behind several political candidates for the purpose of controlling the majority of political offices for his hand picked operatives, a technique these drug cartels perfected in Mexico. Federal and state law enforcement agency have had little success prosecuting corruption in the affected cities because of the wealth and poltical ties of those involved.

As Teddy Roosevelt once said, “by [these policies] we have failed to impress upon the immigrant and upon the native-born as well that they are expected to do justice as well as to receive justice, that they are expected to be heartily and actively and single-mindedly loyal to the flag no less than to benefit by living under it.”

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