Thursday, April 26, 2007

…But illegal immigrants are just here to work!

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Lula man sentenced in child porn case

Lopez had pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation of a child and surveillance that invades the privacy of another.

Videotaping girls nets 4 years in prison for 43-year-old man

According to authorities, between February and October 2005, Lopez filmed two girls he knew through an acquaintance, ages 11 and 13, as they used the bathroom or showered.

Tennessee near top of states with foreign-born Hispanic population

Still, the influx of Hispanics, particularly those in the country illegally, has prompted contentious debate - in the Midstate and throughout the country - over the strain on public resources and the need for tougher laws to curtail unlawful immigration.


CA: Rocky Plans to Knock Out Gangs in Los Angeles Delgadillo unveils anti-gang plan

Los Angeles Anti-Gang Unit Nabs 64

Over The Top Gun Rights Hatred In LA-LA Land

MD: Casting a Wider Net To Battle Gang Crime

TX: Judge takes lawyer to task over his claims


NE Ga. soldier killed in Iraq

Pfc. Ryen King was a two-sport athlete and member of the school’s Young Democrats.


University System to discuss immigration policy

David Kennedy, who practices immigration law in Gainesville, said he believes the law unfairly affects those “who clung to their mothers” as they crossed the U.S. border.


This column was not made in China

I’m no xenophobe who longs to isolate America from the world. I’m all for free trade and the melting pot. But it also should be fair trade and legal immigration.

Open Choke:

I finally figured out why people like my Pinko friend and I see things so differently. He grew up in the Midwest, and attended Prep Schools. I grew up on the Border and attending a public high school that was 70% hispanic… a small minority of which were true, color wearing gang-bang cholos.


ILLEGAL ALIENS MUST GO: Why does Bush prefer illegal aliens to Americans?

When National Guard was attacked, where was President Bush?

UNDOCUMENTED BLOGGER: What’s the matter with California?

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