Friday, April 20, 2007

This has been coming for a while now...

This has been coming for a while now...

From FNC:
I'm shaking my head at the 20-year-old DHL representative in Moscow. Why, I ask, is she opening an envelope full of office expenses that I am trying to send to New York? Not only is she opening every envelope, but she asks me in an accusatory tone "What's this?"

"This" is a taxi receipt from my recent trip to London for FOX.

So now I also want to ask: "What's this?"

After nine years of being posted in Moscow as a correspondent, it's the first time I have had envelopes, which are small and obviously contain only documents, scrutinized.

She replies that there are new orders from the FSB (Russian Security Service). "We need to check everything entering or leaving the country."

There seems to be a new paranoia creeping over Russia.

Another example: My FOX laptop computer has a hard-drive problem. I try to ship it to New York for maintenance and am told by the courier company that it can't be cleared. "Sorry, the FSB security services need to know there are no secrets on the hard drive."

In an election year in Moscow, it would appear anyone is a spy and everyone needs to be watched, says a U.S. Embassy spokesman.
I have said over and over again Putin is bringing back the old U.S.S.R. government in Russia. I could not believe it When President Bush said he looked Putin in the eyes and he saw a man, he had a good soul. He is ex-KGB and talks about wishing to bring back the proud days of the U.S.S.R. Russia has used the money and technology, we gave them, after the government fell to rebuild the old Russia. Try and realize the old Russia was our enemy, not our friend. Of course, they are no eminent threat to us, but they could be a long term threat, just like China.

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