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Solving the Illegal Immigration Dilemma

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Illegal immigration has finally been noticed by the media and even by some politicians. After fifty years of neglect and incompetent management, we can finally all agree that illegal immigration is a problem that must be dealt with right now. The problem is so urgent even the illegal aliens consider it a problem.

While considerable blame is being tossed about, and rhetoric parsed, the “solutions” being offered for consideration are flawed and unworkable. Any country’s immigration laws should meet a basic criteria whereby the guest country and it’s people benefit from immigration. Our country is no exception.

Most importantly, any solution to illegal immigration shouldn’t compromise the Constitution or the rule of law.

Any legislation must uphold the rule of law. That is to say everyone must be treated equally by the legislation and no one should be above the law. This means that under no circumstances, any person or business that has broken our laws, should be excused for doing so.

The legislation must meet Constitutional standards. Legislation must not allow for a new class of residents with partial Constitutional rights. Either you are a citizen or not. We cannot have a sub class of residents such as guest workers with partial rights.

All of the so called immigration solutions to date do not meet this simple criteria. Irrespective of the fact that we pay people handsome sums of money to run this country and provide sensible policies for dealing with our challenges, I a mere citizen, will offer a solution that contains the necessary ingredients.

Ten Point Plan to End Illegal Immigration

  1. The border must be controlled with a wall and/or very intense (military) enforcement there. I prefer a wall. The San Diego wall proves that it works. The flow of illegal entrants must be stopped at the border for the sake of eliminating illegal immigration and strengthening national security.

  2. Severe work place enforcement must begin immediately. Employers are to be fined in amounts that exceed the normal costs of doing business. They must also face prison time in addition to monetary fines. The costs of hiring illegal workers must exceed the benefits for hiring illegal workers. The resulting perp walks must be widely publicized and these traitorous businesses must be viewed for what they are.

  3. Any hope of Amnesty must be eliminated. Amnesty is as strong a magnet for illegal aliens as are jobs and free social services. There cannot be any amnesty for the 30 million illegal aliens already here. Amnesty would put this group of people above our laws. To maintain the rule of law, the principle upon which this country was built, these millions of aliens must face the consequences of their illegal actions.There also cannot be a guest worker program that allows for a path to citizenship. People are to immigrate to this country because they want to be a part of it not because they want to work here. We are a nation not a factory and it’s time we run the country this way.

  4. All social benefits awarded to illegal aliens must be completely eliminated. No free health care (except life and death situations), no free education, no welfare, no social benefits of any kind.I suggest a phase in period of a year for the elimination of these benefits. That will do a couple of things. First it will ameliorate the suddenness of this enforcement technique, allowing aliens a full year to get their affairs in order before leaving. Second it will make the exodus more orderly by allowing illegal alien, school children to finish up instead of abruptly being taken out of school. Thirdly, it shields this action from the accusation of being overly harsh.

  5. The anchor baby law needs to either be interpreted properly or changed not to allow anchor babies. The anchor baby phenomenon isn’t due to a flawed Constitutional Amendment, rather it’s due to erroneous interpretation by inept and agenda pushing justices. Either way, whether it be proper interpretation or new legislation, there must be an end to anchor baby status. If need be, a special Supreme Court session should be called for the sole purpose of clarifying the true meaning of the 14th Amendment.

  6. Chain migration must be eliminated. Chain migration is a phenomenon due to families being allowed to bring in other family members from foreign countries. If we are to maintain chain migration, it should be limited to immediate family members only, instead of cousins of cousins etc. Chain migration is the equivalent of a never ending stream of immigrants.

  7. A law must be passed that says “if you are caught in this country illegally, you will never be eligible for legal immigration or a guest worker program. This will provide an incentive for illegal aliens to leave before getting caught here illegally.

  8. Spot raids and work place raids must continue and be stepped up. This sends the message that our laws are being enforced. It’s like the speed trap on the highway that keeps everyone driving at the speed limit. You slow down when you know you can get caught. The same principle holds true with illegal immigration.

  9. Aiding and abetting laws need to be toughened and also enforced to the maximum extent. This includes sanctuary city policies that coddle the lawless. Any city that has sanctuary policies will forfeit all federal funding until and unless the city complies with all immigration laws.Any business that aids and abets illegal aliens must be fully prosecuted, heavily fined and incarcerated where appropriate. This would put an end to programs like Bank of America’s credit cards for illegal aliens program that makes it easier for illegal aliens to be here and remain under the radar.

  10. There must be a Federal, State and Local government proclamation putting illegal aliens and their supporters on notice. The proclamation will clearly state that from a certain date forward, these entities consider illegal immigration a grave problem that will be met with total enforcement of our laws. In essence, the proclamation will make formal, a policy that no longer tolerates illegal immigration. Amazingly in today’s environment, this is absent.

Having all of these things in place at the same time will allow attrition to work to it’s full potential. It addresses the here and now by stopping the flow at the border and through immediate work place enforcement and spot raids. It gives the exodus order in that those not caught at the workplace, will be given up to a year to leave, before ALL social benefits run out and before eligibility of future naturalization is forfeited.

Additionally, the magnets for illegal aliens will have been eliminated. There is no reason for illegal aliens to want to come or stay here. There will be no jobs, no hope for amnesty, no anchor babies, no social benefits.

Most importantly, this ten point approach doesn’t compromise the rule of law and our Constitution.

Adding the elimination of social benefits to strict enforcement is sure to work. Eisenhower showed us in the fifties that enforcement itself works. The added element of “no magnets” will only fortify that technique.

For the most part, it is the illegal alien advocacy that touts massive round ups and deportations. Knowing how unpleasant it could be to witness that. With attrition, there is a lesser degree of the unpleasantness. With attrition, the illegal aliens will leave the same way they came, under their own volition and their own expense.

Yes we can deport 12 million people. Eisenhower through Operation Wetback, deported about a million back in the fifties. Actually, less than 100,000 were arrested and deported. The other 900,000 seeing the crackdown and laws being enforced, deported themselves. This proves that enforcement works. It proves enforcement aids attrition.

A side note to Ike’s handling of the immigration issue in the fifties is he actually implemented a Guest Worker Program strictly for agriculture. It worked too. Agriculture migrants were allowed to work and did leave at the end of a 54 week period. You can do these things if you have the spine to enforce laws and have a workable system. Today we don’t have these things.

So there you have it, a sensible ten point plan to eliminate illegal immigration. One that upholds the very foundations of our nation, the rule of law and the Constitution. Let the debate begin.

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