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Show Notes 06-07-2015

Sunday show 06-07-15

WikiLeaks releases secret TISA docs: The more evil sibling of TTIP and TPP
WikiLeaks has released 17 secret documents from the negotiations of the global Trade in Services Agreement (TISA), which have been taking place behind closed doors, largely unnoticed, since 2013.
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Kansas to cap welfare ATM withdrawals at $25 per day
Kansas is bleeding money. Lawmakers in the Sunflower State have been scrambling for years to make up a $400 million revenue gap following a 2012 income tax cut that left deep holes in the state budget.
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Report: Social Security Overpaid Nearly Half on Disability
Social Security overpaid nearly half the people receiving disability benefits over the past decade, according to a government watchdog, raising questions about the management of the cash-strapped program.
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Sen. Lee and Faith Leaders Act to Defend Religious Liberty, Cite ‘Biblical Revelation' and Millennia of ‘Judeo-Christian Tradition'
Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) was joined by religious freedom advocates at a press conference on Wednesday to announce legislation he is introducing in Congress to protect religious individuals and institutions from government infringement on religious expression, particularly in the wake of what could be the Supreme Court ruling that homosexuals have a constitutional right to marry.
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Comediennes career derails before your eyes
There’s no doubt that “Spy,” the new James Bond spoof starring comedienne Melissa McCarthy, is laugh-out-loud funny.
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House Passes Amendment To End ATF’s Collection of Race, Ethnicity Data for Gun Sales
By a voice vote on Wednesday, the House passed Rep. Diane Black’s (R-TN) amendment to stop the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) from requiring Americans to disclose their race and ethnicity when buying a firearm from a federally-licensed dealer.
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Gunpoint average: Texas prof claims campus carry law will improve grades
A Texas college professor claims a coming law that would allowing licensed gun owners to carry firearms on campuses will cause grades to shoot up.
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House Committee Drops Funding for State Department Climate-Change Programs
Just months before the most important U.N. climate conference in years, Republican appropriators in the House of Representatives are taking aim at one of the Obama administration’s most cherished priorities – international climate change funding.
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