Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Show Notes 05-17-15

Sunday show 05-17-15

Ascension Day
According to the accounts in the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles, Jesus appeared to many of his disciples during the 40 days following his resurrection.
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Exclusive: Sysco sees U.S. bird flu hurting egg supply up to 18 months
Food distributor Sysco Corp said on Friday that a record U.S. outbreak of avian flu would limit its supply of eggs and chickens that lay them for nine to 18 months, based on information provided to the company by its suppliers.
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Pro-life students win battle to form club
The science is clear these days: An unborn child is just that, an unborn child, not “tissue” as the abortion industry has insisted, activists say. And when it comes to protecting that life, there’s a younger generation that understands what is at stake and is willing to act.
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Kerry Tells China: ‘Because of Climate Change in U.S. We Are Ending Any Funding’ of ‘Coal-Fired Power’
At a joint press conference in Beijing yesterday with People’s Republic of China Foreign Minister Wang Yi, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that the Obama administration intends to cooperate closely with the PRC leading into a U.N. climate conference in Paris in December and that the U.S. is “ending any funding” of coal-fired power projects.
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America’s oldest living vet turns 109 and shows us his guns 
May 11, 2015 is Richard Overton’s 109th birthday. This makes him America’s oldest surviving World War Two Veteran.
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Armed Forces Day
Many events across the United States take place on Armed Forces Day to honor Americans in uniform who served their country in times of war and peace. Those who are honored on this day include people who serve the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. National Guard and Reserve units may celebrate Armed Forces Day/Week over any period in May because of their unique training schedules.
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Girl gored by bison in Yellowstone Park while posing for a picture
Girl gored by bison in Yellowstone Park while posing for a pictureA 16-year-old Taiwanese girl has been gored by a bison while posing for a photo in Yellowstone National Park.
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Former New Black Panther And Ferguson Organizer Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere: “Blacks Must Kill” Cops, In ‘Self-Defense’
Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere claims to be a psychotherapist. One wonders how he could ever have gotten a license, if true. Maybe his first patient should be himself. He claims to have been the founder of the illness Manic Aggression Personality Disorder:
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Push to court-martial General for thanking God
A civil-liberties group is demanding a two-star Air Force general be court-martialed for mentioning God at a National Day of Prayer Task Force speech on May 7.
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