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Show Notes 04-12-2015

Sunday show 04-12-15

The End of the American Civil War
The federal government’s revenue before the Civil War came mostly from tariff taxes on imports, the majority of which were collected from Southern ports, like Charleston, South Carolina. There was no federal income tax.
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Vatican, France in showdown over gay ambassador
Three months after appointing an openly gay diplomat as France's ambassador to the Vatican, Paris is still waiting for the green light from Rome. With Pope Francis entering his third year in the post, some activists see the Vatican's silence as a test of the depth of reform in the Catholic Church.
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New Mexico governor signs bill on civil forfeiture
Gov. Susana Martinez signed a bill Friday virtually ending the practice of civil forfeiture, making the state a leader in sharply restricting a contentious policy that critics say deprives citizens of due process and gives law enforcement a profit motive.
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Baker College instructor told students to threaten patients into vaccinations, lawsuit claims'
A Shiawassee County woman is suing Baker College after she claims she was kicked out of the school's nursing program because she questioned lessons she claims encouraged students to lie to patients in order to get them vaccinated.
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Meet largest aircraft on earth
A U.S. Army mega aircraft – a hybrid of plane, helicopter, hovercraft and airship- is going civilian. Designed by British design company Hybrid Air Vehicles for the U.S. military, this massive piece of next-gen tech can travel through the air at nearly 100 miles per hour.
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Obama checking Russia by coddling Cuba
One day after a news-making handshake between President Obama and Cuban President Raúl Castro yesterday, the two leaders are reportedly set to meet for policy talks today, marking the first substantial discussions between U.S. and Cuban leaders since 1956.
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Office of Naval Intelligence reveals massive Chinese Naval buildup
China has deployed a new high-speed anti-ship cruise missile and is sharply expanding an armada of advanced guided-missile warships and submarines, according to a naval intelligence report made public Thursday.
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