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Show Notes 02-19-15

Thursday show 02-19-15

Exxon Mobile Torrance refinery explosion
Hours after an explosion ripped through a Torrance refinery, residents for miles around continue to grapple with ash, a gas odor and concerns over poor air quality while inspectors confirmed that a filtration device was the source of the blast. A smoke advisory was issued for areas near the ExxonMobil refinery due to Wednesday morning's explosion and fire.
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Female suicide bomber kills 16 at bus station in Damuturu
A teenage female suicide bomber blew herself up at crowded bus station in northeast Nigeria on Sunday, killing at least 16 and wounding 30 others. Most of the victims were children who had either been selling peanuts or begging for money at the time of the explosion, said witnesses.
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Newspaper takes stand on Obama being Anti-Christ
For all those who may have wondered if President Barack Obama is the Antichrist mentioned in the Bible, a U.S. newspaper is now clarifying the issue. The Lexington Dispatch in North Carolina has reportedly printed a correction to a reader’s letter.
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Justice Dept. could sue Ferguson for racial discrimination
The Justice Department is preparing to bring a lawsuit against the Ferguson, Missouri, police department over a pattern of racially discriminatory tactics used by officers, if the police department does not agree to make changes on its own, sources tell CNN.
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Rubio: Homeland Security funding myst continue despite immigration fight
During a visit to Las Vegas, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio suggested Wednesday that Congress should pass a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security without conditions, essentially stepping back from a battle with President Barack Obama over his executive actions on immigration.
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Fire Chief sacked for Christian faith is firing back
Former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran filed a federal civil rights lawsuit Wednesday against the city alleging he was wrongfully terminated simply because he holds unpopular religious views.
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Judge authorizes personal ruin for florist
A judge in Washington state on Wednesday authorized the “personal ruin” of a florist whose Christian faith prevented her from promoting a same-sex wedding and who was sued by both the state and the homosexual couple.
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Hundreds of teens cause chaos in Ocoee
Authorities with the Ocoee Police Department said one juvenile was arrested on charges of battery and resisting arrest without violence. The second teen faces a misdemeanor drug charge. Investigators said more than 200 juveniles were involved in a disturbance at the West Oaks Mall food court, and about 100 of them rushed into the AMC Theater.
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Over 100 unruly pre-teens watching new Spongebob movie cause disturbance at local theater
Pittsfield Township, Michigan Police say about 100 preteens and teenagers were so unruly, management at the Cinemark Theatre (Rave) on Carpenter Road called for emergency assistance Saturday night.
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