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Thursday Show 12/25/2014

Thursday Show 12/25/14

Washington’s Christmas Poem: ‘Assist Me to Sing the Morn, On Which the Saviour of Mankind Was Born’
George Washington, the first president of the United States and a Founding Father of our nation, was a devout Christian baptized shortly after his birth by his parents, who were members of the Church of England.
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New York’s New Fracking Ban Draws Cheers, Jeers
On December 17, Gov. Andrew Cuomo ended a six-year moratorium by announcing an indefinite statewide ban on fracking, which uses a high-pressure mixture of chemicals and water to release natural gas and oil from shale formations deep underground.
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EPA: Get Merry With a Smoke-Free Fire This Christmas
You really should go dashing through the snow to your local hardware store in search of a "moisture meter," the perfect gift for that environmentally paranoid person on your Christmas list. Those people are so hard to please, aren't they?
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Unratified by the US, Controversial UN Arms Treaty Enters Into Force
As United Nations officials welcome the Christmas Eve entry into force of the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), its progress in the U.S. remains hampered by significant Senate opposition and funding prohibitions included in appropriations legislation.
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New NLRB rules give unions access to workers’ email addresses and phone numbers
The NLRB earlier this month issued new rules for how and when union organizing elections can take place within workplaces. Under the new rules, unions will have access to employees' private information as they make their sales pitch, and employers will have less time to respond to workers' demands before a unionization election can take place.
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