Friday, January 09, 2015

Show Notes 01-04-2015

Sunday 01-04-15

Now Boehner has opponent for speaker post
With polls showing House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, extremely unpopular even among Republican voters, Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert, a former judge, has announced a challenge to Boehner’s bid for holding the second most powerful position in the federal government.
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Nearly 200 Christian churches destroyed in surge of violence
There was a surge of anti-Christian violence by Muslims around the world that included the destruction of nearly 200 Christian churches in Nigeria during a short period around October, according to a new report from the GateStone Institute.
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Shipping container is home remedy for Detroit
An unusual home taking shape inside General Motors' sprawling Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant is intended to be part of a movement to rebuild the city's economy and deteriorating, disappearing housing stock.
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Sexting scandal teacher hired for homeland security
A former South High School teacher who resigned last year over allegations of inappropriate behavior with students has found work as a grant coordinator with the regional homeland security agency. Larisa Oringdulph was named the South All-Hazards Regional Homeland Security Coordinator on Monday. The job pays $48,000.
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The real meaning of Separation of Church and State
On Jan. 1, 1802, the people of Cheshire, Massachusetts, sent a giant block of cheese to President Thomas Jefferson, being presented by the famous Baptist preacher, John Leland. 
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