Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Free thoughts on the proceedings of The Continental Congress

A letter to Farmers of North America, from Angilcan History

PERMIT me to address you upon a subject, which, next to your eternal welfare in a future world, demands your most serious and dispassionate consideration. The American Colonies are unhappily involved in a scene of confusion and discord. The bands of civil society are broken; the authority of government weakened, and in some instances taken away: Individuals are deprived of their liberty; their property is frequently invaded by violence, and not a single Magistrate has had courage or virtue enough to interpose. From this distressed situation it was hoped, that the wisdom and prudence of the Congress lately assembled at Philadelphia, would have delivered us.

I read part of this letter on my radio show: Women of the Revolution. It was written in 1774 by a Loyalists. The above part sounds like what the British was doing to us, the Colonists, right? Well you would be wrong. This is what the author perceived that the Patriots were doing to him. The author goes on:

Let us now consider the probable consequences of these agreements, supposing they should take place, and be exactly adhered to. The first I shall mention is, clamours, discord, confusion, mobs, riots, insurrections, rebellions, in Great-Britain, Ireland, and the West-Indies.

Now, read the entire letter and ponder. Who does this sound like today? See people haven't changed, times have changed, technology has changed, but not people. This letter could have been penned by Obama or Nancy Pelosi. Sad really.