Saturday, August 16, 2014

Show Notes 08/14/2014

Thursday Show 8/14/14

Pro-gun rights Milwaukee sheriff defeats rival after heated primary draws national attention
A Wisconsin county sheriff whose outspoken pro-Second Amendment views turned his re-election campaign into a battle between gun control groups and the National Rifle Association emerged victorious Wednesday against his Democratic primary challenger.
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Multiple news outlets back DC think tanks against global warming scientist
News outlets, advocacy groups and fellow think tanks are jumping to the defense of a conservative-leaning D.C. policy center and publication being sued for libel by a scientist who didn't like what they had to say about his work on global warming.
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Low fat fries flop for Burger King chain brings back chicken fries
The people have spoken and it when it comes to fast food.  It seems that not enough Americans seem to care about whether or not it’s healthy.Burger King has announced they will be discontinuing their “Satisfries,” a lower calorie, lower fat, and lower sodium alternative to their traditional French fries.
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Canadian woman receives $10,200 compensation after being fired from black teachers group 'for not being black enough'
A biracial woman has won an $10,200 payout after she was fired from her job at the Black Educators Association (BEA) in Nova Scotia, Canada because she 'wasn't black enough'.
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Rob Reiner likens Tea Party to Hamas
Hollywood director and liberal activist Rob Reiner told talk-show host Larry King that the Tea Party is like the terrorist group Hamas, because apparently both groups are extreme and cannot be negotiated with, and the only solution is to make them go away or “eliminate” them.
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Navy designs new amphibious assault ships
The Navy is evaluating designs, costs and specifications for a new class of amphibious assault ships designed to replace the current fleet of cargo-carrying LSD 41/49 dock landing ships, service officials said.
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German Shepherd who saved family from bear attack handed over to shelter
The 4-year-old German shepherd that reportedly ‘chased a bear away from’ his family—and likes to cuddle—was set to be euthanized after the same family handed him over to a New York City shelter, but was saved in the last-minute by a "rescue organization," The Examiner reported.
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Puppy with no front legs gets custom 3d printed cart
Nine-week-old Teacup Chihuahua TurboRoo was born without front legs. His breeder dropped him off at a veterinary clinic in Indianapolis after realizing he needed individualized care. Veterinary Technician Ashley Looper quickly became attached to the puppy and began fostering him.
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