Friday, June 20, 2014

Show Notes 06/19/2014

Thursday Show 6/19/14

Two men use girl as human shield until father guns them down
A St. Louis couple is likely thankful to have guns in their home after they were forced to use them to defend their daughter against two men Monday night. The men, one of whom had an extensive rap sheet, confronted the couples’ 17-year-old daughter after she stepped outside of the house to go to her car, reports the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Rutland clerk pulls gun on robber
Don Pitaniello said Monday he’s been suspended from his job as a clerk at a North Main Street convenience store after drawing a gun on a knife-wielding robber Sunday night.Pitaniello, 58, of Rutland, said he was preparing to close up Mac’s Convenience Store at 145 North Main St. before 9:30 p.m. when a man wearing a hoodie and a bandana over his face entered the store and threatened him with a roughly 5-inch blade.

Cruz: Can't Defeat 'Radical Islamic Terrorism' If You Won't Utter Those Words
"You cannot win a battle against radical Islamic terrorism if you're unwilling to utter the words 'radical Islamic terrorism,'" Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said on Tuesday. Coincidentally, on the same day Cruz made that comment, Secretary of State John Kerry said that "extreme poverty" breeds terrorism.

Obama scheme derailed capture of Benghazi killer
It became increasingly clear the decision to capture al-Libi all but thwarted an ongoing operation in which covert U.S. operatives were at the same time tracking Khattallah’s every move. The operatives were on standby, ready to seize Khattalah, waiting for orders to carry out the arrest operation.