Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Show Notes 05/04/2014

Sunday Show 5/4/14

Gold Hunters to dive legendary shipwreck
Treasure hunters are returning to the wreck of a gold-laden ship that sank off the coast of South Carolina nearly 160 years ago, reviving an effort begun in 1987 by a colorful salvage diver who recovered millions from the site before stiffing partners and vanishing.

Pelosi says “whatever his name is Issa something”
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) says a newly released White House email listing Susan Rice's Benghazi talking points "didn't have any additional information," and she's not bothered that the email was released in response to a FOIA request instead of a congressional subpoena.

California sisters reunited after 78 years
It's been 78 years since Ann Hunt and Elizabeth Hamel were last together — in their mother's womb. The twin sisters were reunited last week for the first time since birth in Fullerton, California, thanks to a nudge from their children and help from a psychology professor, the Orange County Register reported Sunday.

Too big to audit- large partnerships escape IRS scrutiny
GAO reports In 2011, while the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was busy scrutinizing the tax-exempt status of 100 percent of Tea Party groups and other conservative non-profits, the tax agency did not audit a single high-value electing large partnership (ELP) with more than $100 million in assets.

Ranchers and Empire in the American West Part Two; From Mises Daily: by Ryan McMaken
The image of the American West as a place of private property and blissful independence from government control has long been a myth, and the fact is that life in the West has involved the federal government much more so than life in the East much of the time. This is because the land and other natural resources in the West are controlled by a vast socialist bureaucracy governing water, land, and minerals going back to the late nineteenth century.