Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Show Notes: 04-16-2012

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Yellowfin tuna linked to salmonella outbreak in 20 states
A yellowfin tuna product used to make dishes like sushi and sashimi sold at restaurants and grocery stores has been linked with an outbreak of salmonella that has sickened more than 100 people in 20 states and the District of Columbia, federal health authorities said Friday.

New explosions rock Kabul after Afghan forces repel earlier attacks
A series of explosions rocked central Kabul last Monday, the day after Afghan security forces said they repulsed a series of insurgent attacks in the capital and three other provinces.

Philly Mayor Doesn’t Worry About Terrorists – Because They ‘Wouldn’t Last 15 Minutes’ in Some City Neighborhoods
The violence on inner-city streets is the real “domestic terrorism,” says Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter. “I never worried much about al-Qaeda in West Philly, because Osama bin Laden wouldn’t last 15 minutes in some of the neighborhoods that I represent,” Nutter said at a recent summit on preventing youth violence in Washington.

Protect Your Rights! Act Now to Support Legal Transportation of Firearms
When Congress passed the Firearms Owners' Protection Act (FOPA) in 1986, one of the key provisions of the bill was intended to protect the rights of gun owners to legally transport their firearms between locations where they are legally allowed to possess them.

New Report Combats Claim that Ending Birthright Citizenship would Cost Taxpayers Billions of Dollars
A new report from the Center for Immigration Studies repudiates claims made by a high-immigration group that ending Birthright Citizenship would cost U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars per year.

Mexican human rights body urges action to overturn death sentences for Mexicans in US prisons
The National Human Rights Commission in Mexico is urging its government to “intensify actions” aimed at overturning the death sentence of 58 Mexican nationals held in U.S. prisons. http://cnsnews.com/news/article/mexican-rights-body-urges-action-overturn-death-sentences-58-mexicans-us-prisons

NaturalNews exclusive: Michigan government unleashes armed raids on small pig farmers, forces farmer to shoot all his own pigs
NaturalNews can now confirm that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has, in total violation of the Fourth Amendment, conducted two armed raids on pig farmers in that state, one in Kalkaska County at Fife Lake and another in Cheboygan County.

Fines and Mandatory ‘Environmental Projects’ on School Bus Contractor for ‘Excessive Idling’ The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enforced nearly $500,000 in fines and mandatory “environmental projects” on a school bus contractor for “excessive idling,” and as part of its anti-idling campaign to reduce the carbon footprint of school buses waiting to pick up children for their routes.