Friday, August 06, 2010

50 Best Novels for Political Junkies | Online Universities

Ok, I wouldn't say they are the 50 BEST, but there are some rally good books in this list; give it a look!

50 Best Novels for Political Junkies | Online Universities

True story: Some of the best political novels aren’t explicitly about politics. Yes, some of the books on this list deal directly with governments and politicians, with laws and the ways they’re made or abused, and with the peril and promise inherent in every governing body. But some of them use adventure, parable, or satire to subtly explore our political system with a depth that wouldn’t be possible any other way. Many of the titles might be familiar to you — they’re pretty popular in college courses nationwide — but hopefully there are a few surprises as well. If you’ve got a thirst for politics and a love for good stories, you owe it to yourself to dig into these novels:


These novels examine the myriad ways a corrupt system can destroy society.