Thursday, July 01, 2010

Pestiferous President to Pitch Amnesty Thursday Morning « Coalition Against Illegal Immigration

The post-… partisan, racial, American (take your pick) President will be giving a “major” teleprompter reading Thursday morning. TOTUS will be helping the man who can read like few others attempt to sell poison to the populace. The poison will, of course, be presented as a necessary cure. This should not pose much of a challenge for the presidential teleprompter, which seems to be the only thing in this administration that works well. The source of all the President’s orations is well-practiced at putting a bow on a pile of equine fecal matter and making it appealing to a majority of the electorate.

This particular “major” reading is purely political and aimed at paying off one specific group of supporters. This group among whose leadership includes the detestable Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-La Raza), is none other than the ‘open borders’, ‘amnesty for illegals’, ‘what can American citizens give you?’ group.

It is noble of President Obama to take time from his golfing schedule to address his subjects on one of his many harmful goals. The need for urgent amnesty is so great, the President has decided to give a “major” reading when he could be otherwise occupied blocking the oil clean up or trying to convince Europe that his new economic way (their old economic way) is the best economic way.

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