Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Congressional Leaders to Host "End the Bailouts: A Greek Forum"

Pence Featured in Roll Call’s “Office Space” Series (VIDEO):

The Greek Bailout Forum here if you missed it this morning:

Le TARP: Too Big Too Fail Goes International. Awesome....

Today's House Republican Leadership Press Conference (VIDEO):

Check out photos from the Forum earlier today here: #nobailouts

Against the VAT? Watch Congressman Pence discuss this and
other issues on “On the Record”:

Pence: American Taxpayers Should Not Be Responsible for Bailing Out

YouCut: A Project of the Economic Recovery Working Group:

Powerlines: CBO: Cap-and-Tax Will Force
Individuals Onto ObamaCare

Flatlines: CBO: ObamaCare Will Cost $115
Billion More

House Republicans Strongly Oppose A Value-Added Tax

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