Friday, July 27, 2007

Spencer Abraham, no way in Hell, Fred Thompson.

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Fred Thompson has been my favorite for President in the 2008 election, until now. If what I'm hearing about Spencer Abraham, Thompson's new campaign manager, then Fred's campaign is dead in the water. Spencer Abraham, according to reports, is a supporter of open borders. That by itself is enough to turn most conservative voters off. On top of the border security question, I'm hearing that Spencer Abraham is an apologist for the Islamists. No way Fred can get elected if this is true. No way in hell.

Are you not aware that immigration restrictionists loathe Abraham as an open-borders true-believer, and that your appointment of him as your most important staff person throws into doubt your main selling point as a candidate? Did you have a reason for doing this, or are you just thick? (

Michelle Malkin mentioned Spencer Abraham in her book "Invasion":

In my 2002 book Invasion (p. 71, 76), I noted the open-borders obstructionism of former Sen. Spencer Abraham (R-Michigan), who fought to block the implementation of two different tracking databases–one for foreign student visa holders and the other for all temporary visitors (which was mandated by Section 110 of the 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act). Abraham led efforts to starve the first database of funding and crusaded several times to kill Section 110 altogether. On September 11, 2001, neither of those databases was in place. To this day, they remain incomplete.

Texas Fred asks, "Reason for Concern?? Speak your mind and let us know". Indeed, let Texas Fred know what you think, but more important ... let Fred Thompson know what you think. I have already sent letters to the campaign telling them Spencer Abraham must go, or Fred Thompson had NO chance of winning the election.

The American Muslim Alliance praises Spencer Abraham via Babbazee at The Outraged Spleen of Zion in a comment at Texas Fred's. And from the Islamic Free Market:

“The future of the Islamic Free Market Institute will no doubt reach new heights under Saffuri’s strong leadership. ” Sen. Spencer Abraham, Michigan

I'm keeping an open mind. Some readers at Texas Fred's think this is a strategic move by Fred to win votes, others think it is a fatal mistake, while others don't see any problem with Abraham. Time will tell as more information comes out.


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