Friday, July 27, 2007

Macy's catering to Hispanics backfires

Macy's campaign to cater to Hispanics is called "Brown is the New White." The new line of clothing, (including t-shirts that say "I is for illegal", and more that are so repulsive I cannot print it here), has been rejected by Hispanics, calling the line "offensive." Macy's is now removing the merchandise from shelves.

The shirt — part of a clothing line exclusively aimed at Latina shoppers looking to express cultural identity through fashion — reads "Brown is the New White," across the chest.

Macy's apologized for its decision to sell the shirt, and released a statement.

"We are constantly looking for unique and differentiated merchandise that will resonate with our customers as hip, current and trendy. We also continue to work in developing business relationships with minority vendors to serve the growing diverse customer base. We apologize if customers have found some of the merchandise offensive and have removed the style that they found objectionable." (Fox)

Hispanic marketing expert Dr. Ed Rincon said:

"Macy's doesn't know a whole lot about what Hispanics want in the way of clothing. It also says that Macy's doesn't understand Hispanic culture. More importantly, it says that Macy's doesn't understand the Hispanics that lives in the U.S. and the kinds of products they are looking for." (AHN)

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From hummers and cigarettes:

I dunno ... it was hip to sell "It's a Black thing. You wouldn't understand." I saw Jeeps with the window sticker "It's a Jeep thing. You wouldn't understand." Can I have a t-shirt that says "I'm White. Can you explain it to me again?" Or, how 'bout: "I'm White and I'm Sorry!"

From WackBag:

As a white man I find this offensive, but Macy's doesn't give a shit about us, because the assumption is that whites are allowed to be offended.

From Mi blog es tu blog

As for myself, I’m still stunned… $24.95 for a crummy Made-in-El Salvador T-Shirt? you gotta be kidding me!

On illegal aliens and crimes that make you say, "WHAT???", read "Some Animals Deserve to Be Hunted Down For The Good Of Society" at Chicago Ray. Here's a taste:

And this case discussed below involves one of those people. This incredible situation involves the repeated rape of a young girl who is a relative of the defendant by a lying cheating foreigner granted asylum here in the US, whom in spite of schooling all the way through college played our court system like a bongo drum by falsely claiming he cannot speak English well enough to receive a fair trial, thus requiring an rare interpreter for an even rarer language that apparently only he and 100,000 Sierra Leone pygmies speak.

Years of physical and emotional torture, scars that may never be healed. The judge should be removed.

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