Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

From the White House Commission On Remembrance:

Promoting the spirit of unity and remembrance through observance of The National Moment of Remembrance at 3 PM local time on Memorial Day; Ensuring the nation remembers the sacrifices of America’s fallen from the Revolutionary War to the present; Recognizing those who served and those who continue to serve our great nation and reminding all Americans of their common heritage.

It is Memorial Day Weekend Folks. Let’s not forget what it is really all about. It is not just about time off, BBQ, friends and family. It is about remembering our Country’s Fallen Heroes. Those who died so that we may be free.

The least we can do is stop as a nation at 3 pm local time on Memorial Day and take a few moments to reflect on those that bled for our rights,and freedom; and for the freedom’s of others.

I leave you with these thoughts...

I Stand Before You

by ©2001 Roger J. Robicheau (Sp 5, US Army)
The Poetic Plumber

I stand before you all today
But not one eye can see my way

My time arrived, to leave this earth
A fact so planned, to every birth

It happened where I had to go
My torch for life was so aglow

I transferred while in uniform
Protecting freedom, through a storm

Should I resent I died for you
Not on my life, red white and blue

Please help my family through each day
Tell all my friends, try not to stray

And of the country I did love
Do think of me, through God above

Your memories, brought forth this day
Send love to us, who could not stay

Freedom's Colors

©2002 Roger W Hancock (

Red is for Bravery;
blood shed in sacrifice.
Freedom came with lives the price.

White is for Liberty;
freedom's purity.
Life be free from God's decree.

Blue is for Justice;
as vast as the sky.
Over freedom's land to occupy.

If you have a flag fly it, and fly it at half mast until noon. U.S.Flag Etiquette

If you can spare some time, here is some Memorial Day weekend reading:

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