Monday, May 28, 2007

Conservative Third Party?

Cross posted, by request, from Capitol Hill Coffee House

By Guest: Basil Harrington

"How has the GOP gone wrong?”

"The GOP is on a downward course to becoming the party
of corporate globalism, not conservatism,” said one
analyst recently. “Unless Tom Tancredo, Ron Paul or
Duncan Hunter receives the 2008 nomination,
conservatives will have no choice but to vote third
party,” said another.

Conservatives all around the country are talking about
the prospect of flocking to a conservative third
party*, which more than likely would be the
Constitution Party or the America First Party. If
they were smart, they would look at the British
National Party, Front National, and Vlaams Belang in
Europe as models, all of which have made great
strides. And unlike the phony neocon GOP in the
U.S., these parties are conservative in the true
sense: they want to conserve Western man and his
ancestral traditions.

How has the GOP gone wrong?

First, there is no greater betrayal than over
immigration. So tied to providing cheap labor for
big business, all but two Republican Senators recently
voted against Senator Dorgan’s amendment to scrap the
guest-worker program, which will overwhelmingly drive
down American wages. They have sided with the
corporate globalists against hard-working Americans.

There is a third-world invasion of the U.S. taking
place, and many in the GOP (e.g. Bush, McCain,
Giuliani, Brownback, Huckabee, Rice, et al.) have
actually sided with the invaders against their fellow
Americans. As Jean Raspail said in Camp of the
Saints, the “best conservative book ever written,” we
can make a stand now against the invaders, or we can
watch the West crumble and become a third-world

Second, the neocon war in Iraq must come to an end.
The transformation of the Middle East to liberal
democracy is Jacobin, not conservative. It’s a
product of Wilsonian utopianism, not conservatism. If
we really want to end terrorism in the West, we need
to (1) completely withdraw from the Middle East, (2)
end foreign aid to all Middle Eastern countries, (3)
deport all Muslims from the West, and (4) end all
immigration from the third world.

Many do not realize it, but terrorism is primarily an
immigration issue, as they are beginning to discover
in the U.K. Three of the terrorists recently nabbed
in New Jersey (plotting to attack Ft. Dix) were
illegal immigrants who entered the U.S . from Mexico
and were aided by Mexicans. Over 200,000 Hispanics
in the U.S. have recently converted to Islam. And
almost all previous terrorists, including those on
Sept. 11, were either legal or illegal third-world
immigrants. If Seung-Hui Cho had not been allowed to
immigrate to the U.S., the Virginia Tech massacre
would not have happened.

Third, free trade is destroying our economy and
eroding away our sovereignty, and it must end.
Historically, conservatives have opposed free trade,
and they should, but many in the GOP have been
“neoconned” on this issue and now support it in some
perverse suicide pact.

The Democratic Party, which during the 19th century
was the conservative party while the GOP was the
radical left-wing party, is already lost to the
globalists. And now it seems that the Republican
Party is going the same route. Unless radical change
is brought about in the GOP, conservatives will have
no choice but foster third-party change.

The stakes are right. The U.S. is on its way to
becoming a third-world wasteland. We must act now!

Conservative Exodus Project

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