Friday, April 13, 2007

A Matter of Deep Conviction for Me

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The President of the United States made the following comments a couple of days ago…

Congress is going to take up the legislation on immigration. It is a matter of national interest and it’s a matter of deep conviction for me.

Putting an end to illegal immigration and the ravaging affects it has on American families, workers, children and our nation is a matter of deep conviction for me as well. Apparently, and unlike the President’s deep conviction, my deep conviction is shared by the majority of Americans across the country as evidenced by a new Zogby/Judicial Watch poll.

Among the highlights of the poll conducted March 22 - 26, 2007:

  • Overall, 66% of likely voters believe that more emphasis should be placed on law enforcement when addressing the issue of illegal immigration, including 51.6% of Hispanics and 56.8% of self-described political “liberals.” Only 5% said the emphasis on law enforcement should be diminished, including 3% of Hispanics.
  • 79% believe public officials should not use taxpayer funds to operate day laborer sites that help illegal aliens, including 71.9% of Hispanics and 70% of self-described political “liberals.”
  • 72% of likely voters believe local law enforcement officers should help enforce federal immigration laws, including 40% of Hispanics and 55% of self-described political “liberals.”

“The American people speak with one voice on the topic of illegal immigration. Virtually every voter demographic — even those supposedly most sympathetic to illegal aliens — want our illegal immigration laws to be strictly enforced,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. Overwhelmingly, the American people want local officials to help address illegal immigration through law enforcement, not taxpayer subsidies and ’sanctuary’ policies.”

The poll is proof that the overwhelming majority of Americans, and tens of thousands of activists, share my deep conviction that illegal immigration must be stopped cold. Furthermore, there must never be amnesty for the 30 million illegal aliens that have broken our laws with impunity and a pat on the back from our President.

Bush Encourages Illegal Aliens to Be HopefulOur conviction that illegal immigration must end and not be rewarded runs so deep, we are constantly devoting precious time, money and sweat to the cause. This in addition to meeting the demands of being fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters.

Which should carry more weight? The deep conviction of millions of people that stand for the rule of law, national sovereignty and homeland security or the conviction of a man who openly pursues policies that are harmful to and betray the American middle class.

Mr. President the plain truth is you are wrong. Your deep conviction would make breaking our laws something to be rewarded with one of the most coveted things in the world, American citizenship.

The people’s deep conviction is enrobed in the noblest of motivations. Which is to preserve and protect the very country we love. Contrast this to the President’s apparent motivations which are to satisfy business and open borders lobbyist in order to maintain the enormous streams of cold cash politicians enjoy.

But wait there is more…

“Only a bipartisan bill will become law,” Mr. Kennedy said. “There is a lot of common ground

This is absolutely correct. The crime of the century, ending America as we know it, requires co-conspirators. Unfortunately, judging by the number of Congressmen and Senators who have similar positions to Bush, there are far too many pushing this agenda. Congress is also ignoring their constituency’s will. This too is a trend that must cease.

“It’s important for [Congress] to listen to everyone’s position,” Bush told the Arizona crowd.

Start listening Congress and use the new poll for guidance.

“And it’s important for people not to give up, no matter how difficult it looks from a legislative perspective.”

Which people is he talking to?
Is he telling the 30 million illegal aliens not to give up hope? Or is he talking to the majority of Americans that want illegal immigration to end not to give up? Read his words closely, there is no doubt who he is telling to be hopeful.

“People who entered our country illegally should not be given amnesty. Amnesty is the forgiveness of an offense without penalty. I oppose amnesty, and I think most people in the United States Congress oppose amnesty,”

What incredible dishonesty. Mr. President, have you no shame and why do you believe the American people are stupid? You continue to insult our intelligence by calling your amnesty plans an “earned path to citizenship” or “z visas” or some other deliberately deceptive moniker formulated to fool the American people.

Mr. President your destructive and anti-American deep conviction pales in comparison to the deep conviction of the American people. Put yours aside and do the job you were elected to do. Uphold the Constitution and the rule of law and protect the sovereignty of our nation.

It would serve Congress well to heed this request too.

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