Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sen. Johnson is fighting for his life and USA Politics has hit a new low

I read about this story yesterday and did not want to even discuss it. However, I wake up this morning and everyone is talking about it. I cannot believe the political vultures in this country.

Sen. Johnson (D), newly elected Senator who beat Thune by 500 votes, is in the hospital. He has bleeding of the brain brought on by a congenital condition. With the Senate divided 49 to 51, the “Independents” state they will caucus with the democrats, people are discussing what happens when the man dies. You see the Governor of his state is a Republican and would be choosing his replacement. The general talking head wisdom is he would replace him with a Republican. Some people think by saying, I don’t think they should use partisan politics over this issue and give it back to the Republicans, they are clean. The fact I am forced to discuss this makes me sick.

I am resigned to the Dems being in power and my first thought was not: ooo goodie, the Republicans can take back the Senate. My God people, the man might be dying. He has a family, he is not just a number or a power pawn. Do the Republicans and their supporters really want the power back that badly?

Well, I hope my readers decide to pray for his complete recovery and not for the Republicans to take back the Senate by profiting by Sen. Johnson’s death.