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Show Notes 03-24-2018

 Saturday notes 03-24-18 

FBI Insiders Blow Whistle on Massive Las Vegas Cover Up; Agents Told Not to Investigate Key Evidence Including ISIS Terror Link to Mandalay Bay Massacre
The “official” narrative you’ve been fed by the FBI and Las Vegas officials about the massacre at Mandalay Bay that claimed 58 lives is purely fiction, a polished story contrived to cover up the disturbing facts surrounding the worst mass shooting ever in the United States, according the FBI insiders and high-ranking intelligence officials.
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Las Vegas shooter’s final days before killing spree seen in creepy new video
Dozens of surveillance videos of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock wheeling around luggage stocked with weapons and ammunition were released by MGM Resorts Thursday amid lingering questions about the motive of the attack.
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Tennessee public schools might be required to display 'In God We Trust' motto for all to see
Public schools in Tennessee could be required to display the motto, “In God We Trust,” after state legislators unanimously passed a bill that would mandate schools to place the saying in a prominent location.
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Don't want another Trump, GOP election judge tells voters
A Republican election judge was expelled on Tuesday after authorities said he gave GOP voters provisional ballots, explaining, "We don't want another person like President Trump."
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Dad and newborn denied by airline are saved by Good Samaritan
A woman being called a Good Samaritan saved the day after an Ohio dad was left stranded at an Arizona airport with his newborn daughter because Frontier Airlines deemed her too young to fly.
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Mercy Me! Faith-based dilm wins weekend box office 
On a per-screen basis, the new movie about one of the most popular Christian songs of the modern era beat out a trio of heavy hitters at the box office last weekend.
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Vatican media chief quits over doctored letter
The head of the Vatican’s communications department resigned Wednesday after he mischaracterized a private letter from retired Pope Benedict XVI, then had a photo of it digitally manipulated and sent out to the media.
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Today's atheists are bullies -- and they are doing their best to intimidate the rest of us into silence
We’ve all seen how these pompous prigs get offended by the slightest bit of religious imagery in public and mortified if even a whisper of  “Merry Christmas” escapes the lips of some well-meaning but naïve department store clerk during the “holiday season.”
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