Monday, December 18, 2017

Show Notes 12-16-17

Saturday Show 12-16-17

Humans would be cool with finding aliens
If extraterrestrial life is ever discovered, humanity would probably be pretty cool with it. A new study, one of very few of its kind, finds that people typically respond quite positively to the notion of life on other planets.
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Security robots are being used to ward off San Francisco's homeless population
One such bot cop recently took over the outside of the San Francisco SPCA, an animal advocacy and pet adoption clinic in the city's Mission district, to deter homeless people from hanging out there -- causing some people to get very upset.
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GQ: man rescuing bunny from wildfire reveals whites' hatred for blacks
Wednesday, December 6th, during the raging Thomas Fire in California, Caleb Wadnan rescued a scared rabbit in an amazing viral video. The clip of Wadnan risking harm to save the frightened and screaming bunny moved the world.
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Trump on Eliminating Federal Regulations: ‘We Aimed for 2-for-1 … We Hit 22-for-1’
President Donald Trump announced Thursday that within the first 11 months of his presidency, his administration “cancelled or delayed over 1,500 planned regulatory actions – more than any previous president by far.”
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Federal judge blocks Trump rollback of ObamaCare birth control mandate
A federal judge in Pennsylvania temporarily blocked the Trump administration's recent rules allowing moral and religious exceptions for ObamaCare's birth control requirement.
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Mike Tyson: “Hillary Clinton is America’s most prolific serial killer”
During Mike Tyson’s stand up performance, he said something which many people believe to be alarmingly true: “Hillary is America’s most prolific serial killer – bar none.”
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Ahead of New Year's Eve, Cologne Police Gear Up to Prevent Repeat of Mass Sexual Assaults
Police in Cologne are gearing up to prevent the repeat of mass sexual assaults like the ones that took place in the city two year ago, German newspapers report today.
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Abbas Says He Will Press UN to ‘Annul’ Trump’s Jerusalem Decision
Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas has signaled plans to have the U.N. Security Council “annul” President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, but according to an international law expert, the proposal is “fantasy.”
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Trump blamed for cancellation of Christmas in Nazareth
President Trump’s critics have blamed him for many things, from climate change to a decrease in the frequency of Americans engaging in sex, and now he’s being held responsible for messing up the celebration of Jesus’ birth.
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