Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Show Notes 10-28-2017

Saturday Show 10-28-17

Farmer dead after cow rebels against him.
A Georgia farmer was killed Wednesday morning when a cow he was attempting to move ultimately turned against him, according to the Rome-News Tribune.
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Deer crashes through Missouri hair salon's store front
The deer was caught on surveillance video crashing into Sports Clips Haircuts in Springfield. The salon posted the video on its Facebook page on Wednesday with the caption: “Our four-legged buddy in Missouri just couldn't wait to treat himself to the MVP Experience — he crashed right through the front door!
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East Texas man takes down 416-pound wild hog in backyard
If you’re a feral hog, don’t mess with Texans. That’s the lesson learned by a 416-pound wild hog that was killed by an East Texas man after wreaking havoc on his property for the past five years.
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Summerville grandmother bags a mammoth gator — just not for fun
Deborah Swails of Summerville pulled in a 12-foot-long, 494-pound alligator from the Cooper River near Bushy Park on one of the last nights of the 2017 public hunt, becoming one of the unlikeliest heroes in the now decade-old scroll of celebrated big catches.
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Son of Fox News host Eric Bolling died of accidental overdose of drug cocktail including cocaine and deadly opioid fentanyl
The son of disgraced Fox News host Eric Bolling died of an accidental overdose of a cocktail of illicit drugs, a coroner's report has revealed. The coroner's report released on Thursday in Boulder, Colorado ruled that 19-year-old Eric Bolling Jr's death on September 8 was an accidental overdose of multiple drugs.
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Convenience store worker clocks robbery suspect in the face
A devastating right hook sent robbery suspect Andre Young to the ground in Forest Park just after midnight Monday. The knockout punch, delivered by a store clerk, was captured by a security camera inside a Speedway off Northland BoulevardIt happened when police said Young tried to jump across the counter of the store.
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Kent State mulls whether telling someone ‘You need Jesus’ is hate speech
A Christian student leader is demanding an apology after a poster distributed by Kent State University asked if stating “You need Jesus“ could qualify as hate speech.
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200 white nationalists rally in Tennessee demanding closed US borders and deportations
Some 200 white nationalists carrying a Confederate flag and chanting for closed borders and deportations gathered on Saturday at the first of two White Lives Matter rallies in the state that also drew counter-protesters.
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The haunting faces of prisoners worked to death in Stalin's slave camps emerge as 100th anniversary of 1917 Bolshevik takeover approaches
Trudging through mud in sub-zero temperatures, digging the earth with their bare hands and heaving huge rocks with the most primitive of tools, have revealed life inside Joseph Stalin's gulag prisons, where people were worked to death in Soviet labour camps through the mid-1900s.
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Paul Ryan Says He Wants to ‘Fix’ DACA: But Reformers Want Much More
House Speaker Paul Ryan says he wants to “fix” the DACA amnesty problem, but pro-American reformers want him to reach higher and update immigration policy to help Americans.
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God not needed to be moral say most Americans
Americans took God out of public schools. And universities, mostly. And, over the years, government. And social issues. And holiday references. And there even have been attempts to banish God, or belief in Him, from business, including in the fight over abortion funding in Obamacare.
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What These Conservative Black Clergy Have to Say to LGBT Activists
Conservative African-American clergy accused LGBT activists of hijacking the civil rights movement and launched a campaign to support a Colorado baker who refused to create a cake for a gay wedding.
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