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Show Notes 09-01-2017

Friday Show Notes 9-1-17

Look for Military Drones to Begin Replacing Police Helicopters by 2025
By 2025, enormous military-style drones – close relatives of the sort made famous by counterterrorism strikes in Afghanistan and Iraq – will be visible 2,000 feet above U.S. cities, streaming high-resolution video to police departments below.
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Illegals Take More from Government than They Pay
A report from the Center for Immigration Studies found that allowing illegal immigrants, who are predominantly low-skilled, to stay in the United States causes a net fiscal drain on the economy.
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Gohmert: Some GOP Leaders, Like Democrats, Obstructing Funding of Border Wall
House Representative Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), an Army veteran and former chief justice of the 12th Court of Appeals, said "some of the Republican leaders" in Congress are allies with obstructionist Democrats who do not want the U.S.-Mexico border wall funded, and they are trying to stop President Donald Trump because they fear if he gets the economy growing "like Reagan did," he will be "unstoppable."
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Illegal Aliens to Practice Law? – Revisited
The House of Delegates of the American Bar Association (ABA) — the quasi-official body for lawyers throughout the United States — has passed a resolution affirming its belief that "[i]mmigration status alone shouldn't bar lawyers from practice."
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Smithsonian-backed Arab American museum critical of Trump, Israel
An Arab American museum in Michigan backed by the Smithsonian Institution and several major philanthropists including former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is being called out in a new book for hosting anti-Trump and anti-Israel exhibits.
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Man who infiltrated ‘Muslim Mafia’ warns of American insurgency
The United States is under threat from shadowy jihadi groups, and the government is turning a blind eye. That’s the belief of Chris Gaubatz, a man who went undercover as a Muslim convert to gather intelligence on Muslim organizations in the United States.
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Peanut allergy cured in majority of children in immunotherapy trial
Australian researchers have made a breakthrough in the treatment of peanut allergy in children. A small clinical trial conducted at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute has led to two-thirds of children treated with an experimental immunotherapy treatment being cured of their allergy.
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Video shows Utah nurse screaming, being handcuffed after refusing to take blood from unconscious victim
A nurse says she was assaulted and illegally arrested by a Salt Lake City police detective for following a hospital policy that does not allow blood draws from unconscious patients.
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The invention that shook the modern world
Mankind began the invention of “writing” around 3300 B.C. Western Civilization wrote on papyrus reeds from the Nile Delta, palm leaves, parchment from animal skins, and vellum from calfskin.
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